Random Topic Writing Challenge – #Police

I know I’ve been seriously slacking on this  (Okay Okay for penance I’ll do two “Random Topic” Blogs tonight.  The first up is Police   About to set the 5 minute Timer…. Go.

What first comes to mind is the fun I have in following @ArlingtonPD for their #Tweetalongs.  @DallasPD has been doing some tweetalong type stuff (though not quite to level of ArlingtonPd) and, from information I’ve gotten  @FortWorthPD is also suppose to be joinging the Tweetalong Song 😛


Even more important than all that though is the fact that these guys are Heroes often times putting themselves into grave danger.  You wouldn’t think that a routine traffic stop could turn dangerously deadly in seconds….  Think again.  So yeah next time you want to mouth off and give a load of crap….  Consider the crap these guys put up with each and every day….  Do they need or deserve yours????  As the common vernacular of the day goes  “HELLS to the NO!!!!” (yeah I don’t completely understand the phraseology either).


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