Random Topic Writing Challenge – #Love

Okay, here’s Random Topic Blog #2 (as promised)  🙂
This time the word I picked from my stash is Love…  so let’s set that timer…. Done…. and Go…..

LOVE…..  Is it really ever possible to really and truly know what love is??  No doubt we’ve all (well most all anyway) have been the hapless victims of the proverbial schoolgirl/boy crush..  Quite a fitting term don’t you think considering that often times youend up getting just that “CRUSHED“.  But eventually you go beyond that “He’s cute” crush and start to think in terms of something more sustantial and lasting….  Maybe even that big M word.    Eventually you meet THE ONE – Mr/Mrs. Perfect and you think for sure this is FOREVER or at least you hope, and if your lucky it is (not so lucky on my end……  But in the end I did I end up marrying….  Just not the original one I had thought I would….  Don’t you just love when life throughs curve balls at you 😛
I’m by no means an expert on love and I can’t say that I have the perfect marriage or  the ability to advise on how a marriage should be (heck  we have enough of our own ups & downs around here)  but I will say that love isn’t always as you plan it  and it’s not always perfect or rose colored glasses.  Love is sometimes/oftentimes (?) the willingness to stay together despite bumpy roads.


4 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – #Love

  1. You are writing about my deepest core value, my friend. I could go on for hours about love. 🙂 You’re right that love is not perfect. It wouldn’t be as beautiful if it was perfect.

    Your last line: “love is oftentimes about the willingness to stay together despite the bumpy roads” is 100% true. One of the best pieces of insight I got from a mentor long ago was “we don’t love someone because, we love them despite.” I carry this close when things are hard.
    Love is sacrificial–> when our love is seriously tested, we give up our pride, time, anger,certain needs, and even sometimes tangible things like money and possessions, for the sake of unconditional love for another. You do want I believe this to be true for any relationship dynamic, romantic love, friendship love, community love, etc.

    Anyway, like I said, I could go on for hours. Great post, Tena!


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