Cool!! Another Award – “The Addictive Blog”

The “Addictive Blog” Award!

 My writing is so sporadic and so “all over the place” that it is an amazement to me that anyone would even want to stay long enough to peruse my ‘jottings’ (though it is always my hope that peope will).  I greatly appreciate the nomination from Our 24 Year Gap – And since there’s no rule saying not too, I’m just gonna HAVE TO put her down as a nomination (and guesss what I’d do it anyway – regarldless of rules 😛 )

Ohhh yeah, About them rules:

Thank the person awarding you; Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started;  Paste the blog award on your page; Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award.  Pretty darn simple huh 😉

The question of how my journey into blogging got started is one I don’t even know how to answer.  to be honest I can’t even tell you when i began to blog (unless I were to take the time to find it somewhere in WordPress, which I’m not taking the time to do right now – SORRY Folks).

As to why I blog, well that’s a little (but not by much) easier.  I blog to share with others thoughts and ideas that come (pop) into my mind.  My main area of interest has to do with stuff related to the Emergency Services/ First Responders (aka Firefighters, Paramedic/EMTs, Police Officers), but I enjoy jotting (aka blogging) other thoughts & ideas as well.  You might even find a tidbit here and there relating to Social aspects (including Social Media) and writing.  As I say in my twitter bio some of my posts are serious, some are funny, some are off-the-wall.   Sometimes I’m sharing (what I think is) an important message, Sometimes I’m trying to make you laugh or cry, sometimes I just want you to stop and think!  You never know what will pop into my mind and thus unto my blog.

Ten Nominees/Blogs to Share

  1. Our 24 Year Gap
  2. Chasing Revery
  3. The World Of My Imagination
  4. Writings and Ruminations
  5. Social Graphics
  6. The Happy Medic
  7. MotorCop
  8. ProstheticMedic
  9. Firefighter/Paramedic Stories
  10. Jodi Ambrose’s Blog


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