#WordoftheDay Story – Week One

The words come from my “Word Of The Day” Extras on my phone…  Seems I missed a couple days in there.


Molly ran hurriedly across the street to the building where the coterie she had just been invited to join was, no doubt, already starting their meeting.  Traffic from her workplace had been terrible and the accident that had closed down several lanes on the already normally busy freeway had made matters worse.  By the time she made it to the place where the meeting was suppose to take place it was already time for the meeting to start and she still needed to find a parking place.

“Next time I should just take the bus” Molly lamented out loud as she hurried towards the elevator that would take her to the 3rd floor.  She had serious qualms about how the group would feel about her being so late.  It took Molly a minute to find the right room, but finally she made it.  She opened the door slowly, not wanting to disrupt anything, and slipped inside.

“Molly, I see you finally made it.”  One of the other members replied.

“Yes”, Molly blushed.  “I ran into some trouble with traffic on the way here.  Major accident on the 405.  Besides, I didn’t get off work till well after 5:30 this evening.”

“I think we can make an exception for your being late, considering the circumstances” said one of the ladies.  A sweet slightly elderly lady.

Molly held her breath waiting to see what the others would say as she noticed that one of the other members harrumphed.  She knew that that lady had purposely made the meeting at a time that would be difficult for Molly to make on time.  She had done so under the pretext that “the earlier we start, the earlier we can all get home to our families”

“I concur,” said another member, “And I think perhaps we should rendevouz at a slightly later time to make it easier to get here on time.  I know I barely made it myself.”

“Then it’s agreed?” asked the leader of the group.

There was a mostly unanimous agreement throughout the group and vote was put forth to change the meeting to 6:30pm.  Everyone agreed at the obvious displeasure of the one lady.

Molly took a seat next to the slightly elderly lady who had come to her defense earlier.  “Don’t you concern yourself a bit over her” she said, indicating the lady who had voted against the meeting change.  She hates having new people join.


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