Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – It was good while it lasted

Yeahhh looks like I’ve actually got this one done on time LOL
Angela put the key into the ignition and started up the Dodge Dakota.   There had been a time when she didn’t think she and her husband would ever get a new vehicle.  The old vehicle had been giving them all sorts of trouble as part after part began to go bad.  Unfortunately they just didn’t have the money to get something newer and get rid of the old parasite.
Her twins, Samantha and Samuel, sat in the back of the extended cab each sucking on a lollipop they had gotten at their friend’s birthday party.  Angela hoped  that the lollipops would keep them quiet, for a little while anyway….
“Leave my  prize bag alone before I beat the tar outta you”…..  No such luck…..
“Ha you wouldn’t hit a girl,” Samantha retaliated.  “You wouldn’t have the courage.  Besides Daddy’ll  get you good if you were to hit a girl”
“Your such a daddy’s girl” Samuel spat, “Go figure
“All right you two, that’s enough.  I want you both to be quiet.” Angela interrupted the brewing argument
“But Mo….”
“I said SILENCE”
For the rest of the ride home the twins stayed quiet.  Both exiting the truck without saying a word after they pulled up in front of their house.
“Make sure you pick up your wrappers” Angela reminded them, “And don’t forget your prize bags”
“Hey that’s mine….” Angela heard one of them cry out.
“Oh well it was good while it lasted.” she thought to herself

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