Random Topic Writing Challenge – #Firefighters

This time I’ve got Firefighters  Fore more on this topic Read blogs in my Police, Firefighter, Rescue Worker
category.  Also check out my For The Firefighters Category

5 Minute Timer is on…..

It is truly amazing what these guys do…  Running into burning buildings when human nature says to run in the opposite directions.  Only thing I can think of is intense TRAINING and the strong desire to save lives.  Firefighters truly have some of the biggest and most humble hearts you’ll ever hope to find.  Try to praise them and you’ll often find them pointing the finger at fellow firefighters while down-playing their own involvement.

When the tones go off, the firefighters, jump unto their rigs and head out to the somewhat unknown.  All they have to go by is the reports given by dispatch, but what is visible when they arrive on-scene is not always what is portrayed…  Sometimes the situation is much worse than what was indicated.  Quick thinking is required.


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