Random Topic Writing Challenge – Trains

I absolutely can’t believe it’s been 4 days since I wrote a Random Topic Writing Challenge Blog… It just doesn’t seem possible. I do have at least somewhat of an excuse for a couple of those days…..

On Saturday I attended 2 separate events and wrote a blog on them that took me into late Sunday to get them both “put to the bed” (posted).That doesn’t really explain Monday or Tuesday – Except that Monday my son came home from spending a week with Grandma and Tuesday (today…. or well errrr… yesterday now) My son had a chili supper with scouts.

OK, so enough with all the excuses and explanations…. On to today’s Random Topic – Trains

It has been so long since I’ve ridden on a train, years… As much fun as I’ve had riding on a trains in the past I kind of wish I could do so again. me and my husband have met some wonderful people aboard trains.

Once the train gets underway, we’re talking long trips here, You get your “train legs’ as I call them and can easily move back and forth through the train with ease. Of course there is limited room on a train (at least side to side) and the aisle-ways in some areas are really only big enough for one person to fit…. Thus, whenever you’ve got 2 people going past each other – one of you ends up squeezing into an opening (ie someone’s cabin – actually I don’t think that’s what it’s called).

The hardest part of getting of the train is getting your land legs back… I imagine it’s very similar to what it’s like for someone getting of a ship after a long cruise or time out at sea. You get off looking like a drunkard unable to walk a straight line…. Mainly because well…. You can’t walk a strait line. What’s so funny is that just earlier you were walking through the the train with total ease and no difficulties at all.


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