Random Topic Writing challenge – #Coffee

Coffee  hmmmm  ok Time to start that timer…..
Coffee…  a drink good both hot, cold, or iced.  flavored or unflavored.  With or without cream and/or sugar.  Weak, regular or Strong (or as Starbucks has it – Blonde, Medium, or Dark  ).  A good friend of ours is convinced that coffee is not really coffee unless it can stir itself – though why you would need a spoon in black coffee (which is how he likes his) is beyond my understanding, but then again why would you expect a spoon to move of it’s own accord, but I digress….

Do a hashtag search on Twitter for #Coffee and your bound to come up with tons of entries for coffee.  From well wishes and offers of virtual coffee (_)> to  information on who has the best coffee to coffee recipes and so on.

Much is often accomplished over a mug of coffee.  Deals, friendships, partnerships and so forth also, often, take place sharing a cup (or two of coffee).

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