Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – “Hovel Memories”

Ohhh heck  I can’t believe I didn’t get a story done yet….  Time just seems to have gotten away from me.  Been busy with 2 blog posts for another blog that I write for called DFW Alerts.  I was reporting on 2 events that took place Saturday:  The Joey Cushman 5K Run to benefit Special Olympics   as well as Heroes Helping Heroes.  Then, of course, there’s the “Random Topic Writing Challenges to do (of which I had missed 2 days)…  I got one of those days taken care of – Trains – but I should still probably try to get another out tonight.  That should take care of Monday and Tuesday (I’m not even going to try to deal with Saturday and Sunday, but then those were the days I was out working on the earlier mentioned story for DFW Alerts.  So without further ado (Hopefully I haven’t loss anyone already)…

Hovel Memories

Melanie sat in her favorite rocking chair working on the same needlepoint project she had working on for the past several weeks.  Her son, Anthony, was rattling on about some book he was reading.  Anthony was an avid reader and always had his nose in some book or another.  His favorite hang out was the library (both the school and the public one).

“……  These people all lived in hovels,” Anthony was saying…. “There was only one room often times for half a dozen people or more  and only one restroom….”

It was obvious that Anthony couldn’t believe  living life that way and no wonder.  Although they certainly didn’t live a lush life, Melanie and her husband had always made sure  that Anthony never went with out if it could at all be helped.  Melanie didn’t ever want Anthony to have to live the kind of childhood that she grown up in.

Melanie stopped the project she had been working on and stared out the window at the full, red moon that was rising into the night sky.  She remembered living in the very hovels that he was describing.  There had only been the  one room for all 7 of them and a single bathroom that often times wouldn’t work.  The kitchen, also was oftentimes in a state of dis-use.

Despite many obstacles and difficulties, Melanie had studied hard to get good grades in school, top grades.  She felt like she had hit the jackpot when she had won several scholarships, one for writing and one for her high grades.

Eventually, Melanie graduated college and got a job working as a reporter.  It had taken lots of hard work, but she had worked her way up to lead reporter.  Still just the thought of those earlier years of struggle was enough to set her autonomic system into a frenzy.

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