Random Topic Writing Challenge – #Soldiers

Fridays are generally a crazy day for me….  And today was no different.  Here it is 11:00 at night (and I’m suppose to be getting up around 0400 (or very least 0500) and yes that’s morning time…  But still I made a promise (okay it’s really only to myself – not like anyone keeping score) to do this and “do this” I will…  So let’s get started…..
Today we have Soldiers….  And the 5 minute timer is started….

Not sure where to begin…  I mean how do you say Thank You for all the sacrifices these brave guys make in keeping our country safe and protecting our freedoms (including the freedom to bad mouth the very people who give the freedom to badmouth)…  Often times the things these brave soldiers see are things that no man should ever see (They See Things)…  Destruction, Doom, Death…  Sufferings of PTSD are not uncommon…  They come home to uncertainainty, not knowing what will happen.  Will they have a place to live or find themselves homeless on the streets?  Soldiers… Vets…. Troops…  They do so much and ask so little.  They deserve our respect our help our support.

I not too long ago joined Soldiers Angels and have had the honor & privelage of writing a number of letters plus emails – even sent a couple packages.  I don’t get anything in return, but the “warm fuzzy” for helping is well worth it.  Why not join a team today?  You’ll be glad you did!

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One thought on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – #Soldiers

  1. Good post, Tena. Your dedication and care for veterans is inspirational. I’d like to introduce you to another friend of mine, Jason Bond, who also supports our troops in a very active way. Here’s a post he wrote about your very same point here. He gives mindful perspective about the sacrifices and the long-term effects of/on our service members. http://blog.jasonandrewbond.com/?p=26 Thank you for your advocacy, Tena!


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