Random Topic Writing Challenge – Night Owl

Night owl — Yep that definitely (well almost definitely describes me and describes my husband to a T.  I seem to do my best on what I call “swing shift schedule”.  In other words  Up around say 8 or 9 am (productive by about ohh 10 or so)  and Going to bed around 2 or 3 in the morning.  Much earlier than around 1 or 2am (unless I was up particularly early or something) seems to find me wide awake with my mind going at the proverbial 90.   I’ve also noticed lately (off topic here a bit) that my body doesn’t seem to want to allow me much more than about 4-6 hrs of sleep a night.  The usual 6 – 8 hrs seems to find me waking up w/ my neck & back in knots and taking anything more than shallow breaths leaning towards the agonizing side.  So  going to bed at around 1 or 2am and getting up at 7 or 8am  seems to be the usual for me.  There ore of course some rare occasions where getting 8 hrs is a reachable aspect for me.


as for hubby he’s usually going to bed around 5 or 6am, but his body has mind of it’s own so it’s an anything goes situation with him.  Sometimes he’ll be sleeping during the day sometimes he’ll sleep at night.  And yes he does find it frustrating.


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