Random Topic Writing Challenge – History

Today the word/topic  is History ……..  5 minute timer…… And…… Go:

One of my least favorite subjects in school…..  “History”.  I was terrible at keeping all those damn dates straight.  Somehow I managed to squeak by in history classes.  My husband on the other hand is a history buff —  And our son is big on history too.”

As much as I am terrible at history & dates, I do have to agree that it is important to have a basic knowledge of history – though I’m not so sure I even have what would be considered a basic knowledge anymore (I’m sure I did at some point).  If I were to be tested now on my knowledge of any type of history (World, State, US, well anything)  I’m sure my grade would be a big FAT “F” – worse than “F” if there is such a thing.

To be honest I’m stuck as to what more to write, but now it appears my time is about out  so…….
Guess I’m done for now.


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