Random Topic Writing Challenge – Responsibility

So today the word is responsibility….  5 minute timer…. go.
Lately I’ve been getting on my son about ‘responsibility’  “Who’s responsibility is it”….  This has mainly comes up in reference to his scouting “Whose responsibility is it to have your stuff ready, to get stuff signed off, to get ready, etc etc etc…. ” Not to mention his room.  There’s been problems with him letting room go until he gets overwhelmed and gets all upset wanting me to come in and help him.  At eleven years old he needs to learn that it is his responsibility to keep his room straightened up.  I’m not expecting perfection – heck I’m far from that myself – but he’s old enough to understand that if he makes the choice to let his room go till it reaches a point where there’s no choice but to start cleaning it, then he has to bear the consequences of that…  He can’t whine at me or papa to help him because cleaning his room is too overwhelming for him.  Time for him to learn that if he chooses to not pick up after himself then there is more to do later.  The thought comes to mind that when my workspace becomes a mess because I don’t keep it picked up  then I have no one to blame but myself and when it comes time to straighten up (for dinner or whatever)  then it is my responsibility to do so without expecting others to jump in and help because I’m “overwhelmed”


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