Random Topic Writing Challenge – Paramedics

Today the word is Paramedics……..  5 minute timer…… And…… Go:

Paramedics…. hmmmm well one thing that comes to mind (for some odd reason) is an exercise done during the EMT class I took many years ago.  In this exercise we did a mock extrication.  I remember the day my class did this it was raining and I remember the rain falling on my face as I was placed unto the backboard and secured to it.  Gives you a whole know insight to  what it’s like for the patient being strapped down unable to move w/ rain or even snow falling down on them.
Another thing that I recall is holding the hand of “little old ladies” who were scared whitless/shitless (insert appropriate verbage).  I remember when I was allowed to take vital signs (which of course had to be verified by an actual crew member).  Not the same doing in back of ambulance as it is in a nice quiet classroom…   I never got far enough to do this, but another thing to be noted is the difficulty of recapping needles in the back of an ambulance going code -3 down the road (or at least that’s the idea I got watching the other EMT/Paramedics doing it)…  Come to think of it, they don’t do that anymore.  Nowadays the needles are put into the “sharps” container and safely disposed of without need of recapping.  Ohhh yeah and one last thing before times up….  The good old Stab Labs….  I was actually pretty darn good at it, but people hated starting IVs on me as I have “roll away veins”, but that’s another story.

{Hmmmm seems my mind went more in the direction of EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)}


2 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – Paramedics

    • My interest in the whole Emergency Response Workers (firefighters, paramedics, police, etc) Comes from way back when I was a child… I couldn’t say (can’t remember) what started this whole interest, I just know that it’s always been there and still holds true today.


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