Random Thought/Word/Topic Writing Challenge – Intro

I’ve decided to take the advice of a good friend (I hope I am not remiss in saying that) from PenToPaperCom  and Writings & Ruminations The idea is to take a topic or word or whatever and simply write for a set period of time (5 minutes)….

So here’s the deal…..

Each day for the next month (ok will start with week and go from there).  I’m going to randomly pick a word or topic and do just what I mentioned above….  Write for 5 minutes.  Be forewarned……  I have no idea my mind will come up with and except for editing for spelling what I post will be “AS IS” —  As in “Take it or Leave it”
Next post up in just over 5 minutes….


2 thoughts on “Random Thought/Word/Topic Writing Challenge – Intro

  1. This is fantastic Tena! I’m so excited you turned this into a challenge for yourself that hopefully others will follow. It’s a raw form of authentic expression that is both beautiful and surprising as often times we don’t know what’s truly on our hearts and minds (even about the random stuff) until we give ourselves permission to just let it out unabashed. Good luck; I can’t wait to read all your entries!


    • Wrote my 1st one last night on “Responsibility” actually I chose that one purposely, but the writing was as it came to me… For the next several (16) topics I put ideas down of things that are of interest or relate (or something) to me. Each day I randomly “pick one from a hat” Hmmm wonder what today’s will be…


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