Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – Let Down

Somehow, I must have messed up on the date when I put together the link for this weeks blog hop, because when I looked at the link earlier  it was closed.  In any event,  I still decided to put together a short story.

The words this week were preliminary, people kerchief, cottage, namesake.

Richard Slayton stared up at the flag that a couple of his fellow firefighters were raising over the rubble that was once the cottage of Ashton Pierce the town’s only fire chief.  Ashton had been more than just Richard’s chief, he had been his mentor and friend.

Growing up, Richard – known as Rick to the few friends he had, had lived a troubled childhood.   His father had died when he was not yet 11 years old and Rick had rebelled, getting himself into all sorts of trouble.   It had been Ashton who had taken Rick under his wings, taking him to the fire station every chance he could.  Eventually, Rick had gone through the fire academy and, after graduating, had joined the fire department.  Later, when he and his wife Linda had their son,  they had made Ashton their son’s namesake.

Rick mopped his forehead with  kerchief as he looked again at the rubble, a sad sigh escaping.   The chief’s death had been so pointless, due to the lack if resources.   Chief Pierce had helped so many people, saved so many lives and yet it seemed as if the town had let him down.  Over and over the guys at the station, including the chief, had gone to the town’s officials trying to get more resources to get another station built.  Preliminary findings had shown that their was plenty of need and available funds for another station, but the officials had balked wanting more information.

The other two firefighters finished raising the flag to the traditional half staff and they saluted the man who had meant so much to all of them.


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