Blog Hop: Photo Prompt (August 15, 2012)

My apologies, I did not get a chance to write on this last weeks Blog-Hop (heck I didn’t even read through last weeks BlogHop stories), and to be honest I don’t even have a good reason why not.  I could say that it’s been a busy/crazy week, but no different than usual and – really- what do I do with my time? Nothing really.  I’m pretty much at my computer most days.  I don’t work outside the home & don’t have a home-based business; I’m a lousy housekeeper (the house isn’t near as kept as it should be or as much as husband would like it to be).  Whenever it is needed I assist my husband (what little bit he actually needs of me).  The only other worthwhile thing I do is what little I do w/ my volunteering as a DAN member (which really isn’t SHIT – to tell the truth.  There are people (women) out there who work, keep a clean house, take care of their family, possibly do volunteer work on the side (and could still manage to find time to work on a simple lit Blog).

Enough of my BullShitting……….

On to this weeks Blog Hop: Photo Prompt

This week Nicole Pyles takes the reigns as host of the

We’re back again! Sorry for not commenting on everyone’s stories. I did, however, figure out the best time to get writing and blog stuff done during my work week…during my 90 bus ride home in the afternoon! Yay! I knew I would figure out a way to fit stuff in. Heh heh…

So we had some amazing stories last week and I am happy to share those with you:

Back Flip Bounce by Scott Taylor

Climb for Victory by Sarah Musk

Touch Me Not by Carrie K. Sorensen

Untitled by My Unpublished Life

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We’re almost to this week’s prompt. Here’s a reminder of the rules:

1) There will be one photo, and five words – both of those elements must be a feature in the brief story you create.

2) There is also a 500 word maximum.

3) You have until the next Wednesday to create your post.

4) When you have finished your post, come back here and link up below and let me (or whoever your blog host is) know in the comments that you have done so!

5) We were going to tell you to not take this too seriously, but reconsidered it because we know full well that asking writers to write something means that they will take it seriously. So, take it seriously, but don’t fret/panic/pass out/hyperventilate/lose sleep/run in fear over it.

And here is the photo!

Spiritual Wheel
With these five words:






Ohhh I am so expecting good ones for next week!! (as usual, of course!)

Enter when you are ready!


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