Murder At The Amusement Park (9) Photo Prompt: Reveal (August 01, 2012)

Trent made his way, carefully, along the railroad tracks making sure that no one was following him.  Up ahead he could see the clump of trees where his “informant” had said he would be waiting.  Looking around once more, to make doubly sure that no one was around, Trent made his way to the clump of trees and disappeared into them.  Then, after giving the agreed upon sign, waited for a response.  A few moments later, a scraggy looking man appeared.  Trent knew not to the man’s looks fool him.  This man was smart & cunning when need be.

Trent showed the man the picture he had stuck in his wallet earlier.  “So, what can you tell me”  He asked.  The man reached out to take a hold of the picture, but Trent kept a firm hold on it.

“I know that the women in the picture is a detective.  A very good one, despite being new to the department she works for.  Word is she was considered one of the best….”

“Wait a minute,” Trent interrupted, “Was?….”

“Yeah,” the man man replied “She disappeared shortly after she began working on a case that involved some questionable deaths at an Amusement Park.”

“What can you tell me about that case?” Trent asked.

The man hesitated.

“I’ll make it well worth your time”  Trent promised.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of large bills.  He peeled off a couple hundreds and slipped the rest back into his pocket.  He extended the crisp bills towards the man letting them slide from his fingertips as the man took them.

“Word is she was kidnapped while snooping around the Amusement Park one night.” The man continued on after a few moments.  “No one knows for sure  if there is a connection between the kidnapping and the murders, but the dossier on a possible kidnapping suspect shows that he lost his only sister in some sort of accident involving a Ferris-wheel at a circus.”   Apparently he lost his parents in a Cruise-Ship Accident when he was not much more than a kid  and loosing his sister was the last straw.  He ended up in a mental hospital of some sort.”

“Was he at a place called ‘FairField Psychiatric Hospital’?” Trent asked.

“Could be.” the man replied, “to be honest I haven’t heard for sure.”

Trent eyed the man carefully for any signs that he was holding something back, but it was clear he didn’t know any more that what he had said.

“I may know someone else who can tell you more, but he’ll want payment you understand” The man continued on.

“Of course”  Trent replied.

“Wait for my phone call”

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