Murder At The Amusement Park (8) Photo Prompt: Reveal (July 25, 2012)

Here is this week’s photo

It was a bright sunny new day and Angela Pamerow was excited to get to work.  Somehow she knew that today was going to be different, that today was going to be a turning point in her career.  She walked out to her Nissan Ultima in the seemingly quiet neighborhood she lived in.  But looks were deceiving and there always seemed to be something going on, not all of it favorable.  In actuality this was a neighborhood where people stayed indoors and kept doors locked, only going outside to get into vehicles and go somewhere.  There were some rumors of counterfeit activity in the neighborhood, but Angela had no proof.  It was one of those things she had been silently trying to obtain on the sidelines, but certainly nothing that would be a career booster.

When she first joined the Police Force just over six years ago the other guys would always heckle her about her petite stature and her “fly away” dark carrot red hair.  Since that time, she had proven herself to be more than willing to pull her own weight  and learn what ever she needed to to do her job well.  Angela’s fierce devotion to her job was well known by many in the department; to her the job was everything.  She hoped to one day make senior detective and was waiting for the right case to truly launch her career

As soon as she entered the Departments head building to get her assignments for the day, Angela was waylaid by one of the other members of the force.

“The Chief wants to see you IMMEDIATELY”  The slightly overweight officer said menacingly.  Angela felt her heart lurch up into her throat.

“Well, so much for the feeling that today was going to be a brand new start in launching her career as detective”  Angela thought bitterly.  She racked her brain quickly.  “Had she done something wrong? Did she miss something important on a case?”  Nothing came to mind.  Angela was meticulous in her work and took great pains to make sure she missed nothing.  Nervously, she made her way to the chief’s office.  The only other thing she could think of was that one of the other officers, one of the ones who was not happy about having a lady detective, had decided to smear her name to the chief putting her in a bad light.


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