Projects 366: Photo-A-Day July 24, 2012 – My Humble Abode

So this is where we live, our humble abode for the last two years.   It’s only about 1100 Square Feet, though it may seem (in the picture) to be more.  We actually live (or rather rent) half of a duplex (am I saying that right?).  The other half is rented out to another family.  I’m not sure if the 1100 Square Feet includes the garage or not.  I know the “whole” duplex is listed as being 2200 Square Feet (again not sure if that includes garage space – each half has their own garage.
It’s nice to have our own space and our own place.  The main downside is that we don’t own the place outright.  If we stay here, we will forever be paying rent and never owning any equity in the house or the property.  The rent (which is cheap due to be on assistance = disabled husband), goes up every year; And, there’s always that chance (albeit slim) that if something were to happen and we couldn’t qualify we’d have to pay full rent.  If that were to happen we’d be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  The other downside is that we have to follow the rules set by the landlord (ie: limit on type & number of pets you can have, no garden, no holes in walls – even nail holes are frowned upon, not really suppose to have trailer or the like – but okayish if keep in garage all the time).

In many ways it would be nice to have a place that was truly our own a place where we can decorate it the way we want; A place where we can have a garden and some pets  (maybe even a cow and a couple goats and some chickens).

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