Murder at the Amusement Park (7)

OK, So I didn’t get this in on time for the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop: Photo Prompt entry (but then as a new co-host I’m not eligible for anything anyway – but sure is fun writing anyway).
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Murder at the Amusement Park (7)

Colorful Calliope in Asbury Park

Trent Maring held the brooch, that had belonged to his sister, tightly in his hand as he studied the photographs in front of him looking for clues that would help him locate the woman who would most likely be able to  help him find the man who had been responsible for  killing several people who worked at a nearby psychiatric hospital, including his sister who had been employed as a nurse there

One of the photograph was of some sort of weird looking musical type contraption thingy.  But it wasn’t the contraption that Trent was was interested in, it was the reflection of the lady in the window behind it.  The reflection was fuzzy and the photograph had smeared remains of cockroaches all over it making it difficult to see much of anything
Outside a car stereo was going full blast making a ton of noise, but Trent ignored it as he continued to peer at the reflection in the photograph.  He knew that this photograph held the key, but he just couldn’t seem to find anything that could be used to identify the lady.  Trent usually preferred to work alone, but he knew he needed to swallow his pride and ask for help.  Picking up his cell phone he dialed a number and waited while a recorded greeting played, then he left a message and waited for his call to be returned.

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