Murder at the Amusement Park (6)

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And Now for the 6th Installment to this continuing story….

But First a ForeWarningThe Installments may be a bit out of order to the storyline.  I am going to be creating a “page” that will be continually updated and will have the story in (what I hope will be) some semblance of order

Trent Maring parked his rental car just off the main road, carefully concealing it behind some overgrown bushes.  Assuring himself that the car couldn’t  be seen from the road, he checked to make sure no one had seen him drive up, then looked around to orient himself.  He located a narrow winding road heading NorthSources had told him that Angela Pamerow, the detective that he was looking for, was being held hostage in an abandoned building up that road.  He knew that he had a long walk ahead of him, but he didn’t dare park any closer for fear of being seen.  It was still dark out, but Trent knew that he was quickly running out of time and if he didn’t hurry daylight would make it difficult to remain undetectable.

As he approached  the chain link fence outside the wooded area that surrounded the building he could see that daylight was just becoming visible along the horizon.  Clouds hung low in the sky continuing to make visibility low.  Hopefully those clouds would also make it more difficult for anyone to detect him.  A padlock made opening the gate impossible, but this was of no concern to Trent.  Using skills honed after years in the military he quickly scaled the fence and dropped soundlessly on the other side, then quickly made his way towards the clearing.  At the edge of the clearing, Trent stopped and looked around before making his way towards the building, staying low and in the shadows to avoid detection.

The abandoned building was old and worn out.  Trent could see at least one gutter had fallen completely away and several others were loose and damaged.  He began to make his way way towards one of the windows to see if he could get a good look inside but as he started to approach he got a gut feeling that heralded danger.  Just then a man appeared and his made his way towards the window that Trent had been approaching.    Luckily the man didn’t notice  him, but just at that moment he saw a young lady come to the window, presumably Angela Pamerow.  Forcing away panic,  Trent quickly disappeared into the wooded area.


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