Last Days

Talk about a “dash for the deadline”  Already the new “Blog Hop – Photo Prompt” for this week is up and I’m just now getting last week’s story out.  This story is a continuation of Lost Hope, Lost Dreams (I have two continuing stories I’m working on, the other being Murder At the Amusement Park)

The words to be used were Warship, Gallery, Motorcycle, Froth, and Sole.  The picture is posted below my story.


Charles spooned the milky froth off of us his Chai Latte as he stared out the window.  It had been awhile since he had indulged himself in a simple pleasure such as this.  Not since the last time he had come to this coffee shop, just before his two sisters, Bonnie and Samantha, had died, a few years ago.  As hard as he worked, Charles made it a point to take his two sisters some place new at least once a week, giving them the opportunity to experience new things.  The last such outing he had taken them to was to see the Warship Gallery at a nearby museum.  The next day they were tired and lethargic lacking their usual energy & vitality.  Both girls suffered from a mild congenital heart defect and, at first, Charles thought perhaps they had overdone it the previous day.  But then they came down with a mild cold, one that should quickly run it’s course and be gone.

The cold lingered longer than was expected  and when Charles took his two sisters to the clinic for a check up, doctors had found that the heart defect was growing steadily worse.  They could only offer Charles the slimmest of hope.  As sole guardian to his two sisters, Charles had did everything he could to see to their care.  Working long hours, taking on odd jobs, tightening the belt where-ever possible.  In the end, however, there was nothing that could be done except to make their last days as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Both girls loved the smell (and taste) of coffee.  Their faces would light up whenever they smelled the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning.  Knowing that they might not live much longer he had taken them to the local coffee shop, the one that he was sitting at now.  He had splurged, buying them each their own Latte.  The largest size they had available.  Charles knew they would never finish the drinks, but it was well worth it to see their faces light up when the waitress set the 2 Lattes on the table in front of them.  He had taken a quick picture of Bonnie and Samantha, huge smiles on their foam covered lips.  It was the last picture he had of them.  That evening, Bonnie & Samantha communicated in their own special way that they wanted their beds brought next to each other.  A couple days later the two sisters died in their sleep holding hands, a look of serenity on both their faces.  As if they knew heaven awaited for them on the other side.

Charles had kept that last photograph tucked safely in his wallet all these years.  He pulled the photograph out now and stared at it for awhile, a sad smile covering his face.  Carefully he  put the picture away and headed out to the parking lot to the used (new to him) Motorcycle that he had just fixed up.  Starting the engine, he pulled out of the parking unto University Drive and a new beginning.


4 thoughts on “Last Days

  1. Rainbows really bring a good sign, and a great place for new beginnings. I think that was a bit of a theme this week. Carrie wrote about a gallery show – exposure for the first time, I new beginning, and you wrote about a new beginning after the death of sisters and I wrote about the promise of a new beginning after the death of a partner. Other weeks the prompt brings such unique stories, and some weeks the stories feel a bit similar despite all their uniqueness and differences.


    • Wish I could “like” your reply Yolanda 🙂 Thank You. I think we all did beautifully on last weeks photo prompt challenge. Excited to see what happens this week (including my own story, which I haven’t started yet)


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