Lost Hopes, Lost Dreams (A Photo Prompt Story)

It appears that I do my best when writing under pressure (gulp maybe I shouldn’t have said that aloud).  The photo & 5 words were put out last Wednesday and I’ve spent the past week (well almost) struggling with how to put the photo & words into a story.  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get anything to jell in my mind.  To be honest I was at the point of saying “to heck with it – no story this week.  Then today I sat down and put pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard and started writing (err typing) and as I did it came to me —  The story that is  I hope you enjoy it 🙂

The photo given was

And the 5 words (coming from this site) were: Zip, Hymn, Computer, Peacock, False Teeth:

Lost Hopes, Lost Dreams

Charles sat in the tied up mess of traffic on the Ranger Ford Freeway his head resting against his hand as he stared, in frustration at the traffic ahead of him.  Normally he could just zip along this particular stretch of freeway, but not today.  Up ahead he could just barely make out the flashing lights of several emergency vehicles.  Obviously it wasn’t going to be moving anytime soon.  Once again he was going to be late making his delivery, this time a couple of life size dolls (a boy & girl) and a peacock, which sat in his backseat.   “How the heck has it come to this?” Charles thought with growing irritation.  Every time he looked in the rear view mirror and saw the stupid dolls back there he wanted to break them into tiny little pieces and toss them out into the freeway to be run over.

His parents had had such high hopes and dreams for him, heck he had them for himself as well.  He had always been good with computers as a teenager and had planned on going to college to become a high level computer-programmer.  That had been before his parents had died, leaving him to care for his younger twin sisters (Bonnie & Samantha).  He had been just 18 when his parents passed away, but he had put his aside his dreams for the sake of his two sisters whom he loved dearly.  Both had suffered from Down’s Syndrome and lacked the ability to care for themselves, but what they lacked in ability they made up for in simple innocence and unconditional love.   It was times like this, when frustration hit him hard, that he would stop & think of his sisters, who had died only a few years ago, and remembered how much they had loved life.  He would recall, also, his grandmother, and how she loved to sing this one particular hymn.  Despite the fact that her false teeth made her sound funny Granny would sing loud & clear for all to hear (not caring one whit what other thought).  “Whatever you do in life, no matter how trivial it may seem, always give it the very best you’ve got to give….  Whatever you do in life, give it your whole heart”

Charles came out of his reverie to see that traffic was once again moving, albeit  slowly.  With a new sense of accomplishment, Charles eased his foot unto the accelerator and started forward following the long line of cars ahead of him. Tomorrow he would see about going up to the college & signing up for computer classes….

9 thoughts on “Lost Hopes, Lost Dreams (A Photo Prompt Story)

  1. Well done. I especially liked how you added “peacock” into the story. The words were tough this time. Peacock? I mean, come on! Good job on the story. I think we’ve all had moments like this.


    • Thank You 🙂 I did struggle w/ this one, but once I got started the story pretty much flowed out (w/ a few minor hiccups). Had originally planned to fit into ongoing “Murder at the Amusement Park” story, but it just didn’t work.


  2. I liked it. Your story was so real, believable. So many people go through the thought process in the car, it gives a person time to think, especially if they don’t have a blue tooth interrupting them every 5 minutes. Time alone to reflect is so often a good thing. Hope he follows through with school. Sounds like the car ride with all that traffic was “the straw”, that point where a person has had enough and needs to change.


    • Thank you Yolanda. And to think I put that out in a ‘panicked’ (well sorta) spur of the moment. (True panic would be waiting till Wednesday morning = right!? 😉


  3. (Procrastinating my editing)

    I love stream of consciousness writing, how we get to follow someone’s thoughts. I’m fascinated how one thought leads to another, and the end result can be so crazy – kind of like a game of telephone.

    He seems like such a good guy, your character. He’s done lots of hard things in his past, I’m sure if he goes to school he’ll be successful. 🙂


  4. Wow!! I really like this! You really developed a character here and gave him such an endearing spirit! I love it!


    • Thanks 🙂 Amazing how it just came together once I started writing… And to think I didn’t think I’d come up w/ anything


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