Words that describe #Firefighters….

Or,  as one of my followers put it:

“words firefighters would never use to describe themselves”


*Big Hearts:






*Sense of Humor

(The list could go on).

Here’s a couple other blogs that I wrote about these Amazing Heroes

Firefighters/Paramedics are a special Breed

Firefighters and Paramedics are a Hilarious Bunch

Firefighters:  Why do they do what they do

20 thoughts on “Words that describe #Firefighters….

    • I don’t do much with it, but I have another blog I run called Public Safety Tidbits (www.festidbits.wordpress.com) that is primarily about fire/ems/police/safety related stuff. Some is about, some is for those who work in above fields.


  1. They are a band of heroes. Four of them walked into my house, carried me to the ambulance, talked to me on the ride,and delivered me to the emergency room of the hospital, brushing aside requests for paper work until they deposited me onto a bed beyond the doors. They, literally, saved my life. Some of my students have become firemen. Some have become policemen. All are helping us every day. Kudos and applause and grateful thanks to them.


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