Murder at the Amusement Park (4)

Trent Maring let out a shaky breath as he gripped the envelope he was carrying even tighter.  The envelope  contained the file he had gotten just a couple days earlier.  “That wasn’t in the plans”  He thought to himself.  He wasn’t suppose to be seen and yet there was no doubt that the young lady inside the building had caught sight of him.  He’d have to be more careful! Trent couldn’t afford detection just yet.  Behind him he heard birds begin to chirp loudly in a nearby nest and he decided it was time to make his way back to the nearby motel where he was staying under an assumed name.  The motel room was a non-descript sort of room with just a bed and a table (that could serve as a desk) with a couple of chairs .  The only real “decoration” in the room was a picture of a pirate that hung on the wall over the bed. Trent sat down in one of the chairs  and opened the envelope, carefully pulling the file out and laying it on the table in front of him. Carefully he studied the pictures of the gruesome murders all of which had taken place at a nearby amusement park.  So far no one had turned up a solid suspect yet, except for a young female detective named Angela Pamerow who had recently disappeared while searching for evidence that would allow police to bring the one “suspect” in.   It was that “suspect” that Trent was interested in, but for very different reasons.  He kept Searching through the rest of files till he found what he was looking for. “Ahh Hahh” He thought, we have a winner

7 thoughts on “Murder at the Amusement Park (4)

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m not sure what happens next in my little story. Just couldn’t get last wks “photo prompt” to gel into the story… Maybe this week?? We shall see….


    • Thank you!:-) POV? = Point of View? I never know quite what is going to happen in this story. Seeing as I’m the “author” you’d think I’d know what direction the story is going to head, but alas I have no idea. No idea who the characters are going to be or what they will do, no idea what is in the files. Each week (that I’m able to do) is done with out pre-planning — I simply start writing. As I like to say “It flows or it goes”


  1. I love the switch this took!! I’m glad you made his point of view the focus! I can’t wait to see what happens! 🙂


    • LOL Me too (can’t wait to see what happens) LOL…. So much fun when you don’t know what will happen next in your own story.


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