Murder at the Amusement Park (3)

Angela looked around the small room.  There was nothing in the room, but a single door with a nail sticking out of the wall by it and a single window that faced a large forest.  Angela nearly screamed when she saw someone staring into the window, her heart beating double time as she realized that it was the ferris-wheel operator.  A ways behind him stood a man with an envelope in his hand.  Angela wanted, desperately to wave to the man but she didn’t dare not w/ the crazy ferris-wheel operator still staring in the window.  Then the man turned and disappeared into the forest, deserting her.  Hearing the door behind her creak open, Angela turned to face it and saw the ferris-wheel operator, but that couldn’t be…  He was standing outside the window, wasn’t he?  Angela turned towards the window, confused.  Suddenly she saw stars as something crashed against her head.

7 thoughts on “Murder at the Amusement Park (3)

    • Thank you Carrie 🙂 I never know how it’s going to turn out till I start (or rather finish) writing.


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