Murder at the Amusement Park (2)

Angie Pamrow awoke to find herself in a strange room.  Her head felt like lead as she lie on the cold cot with nothing but a small pillow under her head. Gingerly Angie pushed her head up off the pillow and looked around.  No was there!  On the opposite side of the room there was a door.  Making her way to the door, Angie opened it and looked around.  Still no one.  At the other end of the hall she could see another door that seemed to open to the outside.  Quietly Angie made her way towards the door.  As she got closer she could a sign, written in some strange language, had been pinned to the wall beside the door.  Angie gave the sign a quick glance before opening the door and stepping through it.  Suddenly her head was swimming and next thing she new, she was facing what appeared to be a large dinosaur, but it couldn’t be….  Dinosaurs didn’t exist!!  Surely she must be hallucinating, Angie thought to herself, but the dinosaur was getting louder & closer.  Angie tried to run, but her feet felt as if they had been glued to the floor.  Next thing she new, Angie found herself in another room – The door had been a decoy.

3 thoughts on “Murder at the Amusement Park (2)

  1. I love your response to th writing prompt!! Ohhhh I can’t wait to see what happens next!! Are you going to keep continuing it?!!


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