Murder at the Amusement Park (1)

Angie Pamrow snuck inside the large amusement park and made her way to the large Ferris-wheel.  She was working undercover investigating some major mishaps at the local amusement park, that had ended in the tragic death of 3 different people.  Specifically those mishaps had all taken place on the Ferris-wheel.

Prying open the lock to the control room, Angie made her way inside.  She used her photographic memory to take in everything she could about the tiny room.  Noticing a Remote Control, she picked it up and looked at it wondering what it did.  Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, someone who smelled like they belonged in a Miner’s Camp (just like the operator of the Ferris-wheel).  She felt the business end of gun being pressed against her spine.

“Just had to go snooping around didn’t you? Too bad you won’t be able to share your finding with anyone!”  A deep, gravelly voice said as he forced her into one of the seats in the ferris-wheel and tied her down.  “This should make the ride loads of fun Angie heard the ferris-wheel operator say as she felt a sharp pain in her arm.  Instantly her head started swimming and the last memory she had was the hideous laughter that sounded like it belonged in an Insane Asylum.


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