Life Support Decisions Regarding my Grandmother.

I was 16 years old when we got my news that my grandmother had suffered a Heart Attack (or maybe it was a Stroke).  It’s been so many years now and I might be remembering wrong as to what exactly it was that she suffered.  What I do remember is the circumstances that occurred  after that fateful phone call.


My father immediately got a flight to fly home to where my Grandmother lived (I stayed home with  my step-mother and step-sisters).  He kept in communication with my step-mother as to what was happened and she in turn told me.    When he first arrived the news that he was given was that she had a massive Heart Attack (or Stroke) and that there was no chance for survival.  After much discussion between my father his brother and the doctors, the decision was made to pull life support and just let her die peacefully.  However, after being taken off life support, my grandmother suffered (what I believe was) Cheyne-Stokes breathing and was suffering.  Again a consult with the doctors….  My father and his brother were told that even on “life support” She would die in the end…  So back on life support she went —  Died a short time later.


To me my grandmother was an amazing women.  Even though she was retired, she still continued to work at her son’s fabric plant as a secretary.  In fact she was at work when all this happened.  I still remember the last “gift” I had gotten from her.  Actually she had sent money for my parents to get something for me – but to me it was as if it had come from her.  The gift was a velvet feel robe that I wore constantly in the days following her death.


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