Non- Necessary Emergency Transport for Stroke?????

Just a short blog this time 🙂  Wanted to share this experience that actually happened over two years ago when my husband suffered a stroke.  Click HERE to Read the blog I wrote about his Stroke as well the FUNNY event that took place during that time.  Read about Strokes HERE and the American Stroke Association


After all was said & done, we got a bill in the mail from the ambulance company….  Somehow payment (via Insurance was declined – The reason being: “Non-necessary Emergency Transport.”  Our first reation was WTF??!!!  Not necessary.  A college age kid who lifts couches by himself couldn’t get my husband out of bed & into his chair.  it took 3 or 4 paramedics/firefighters to get husband into chair and out to the stetcher….  Ohhhh and his BP was 250/150 and he was diagnosed with a hemmorhagic (??) type stroke…. Yeah right – Emergency Transport wasn’t necessary??!!  I remember something being said about the fact that he wasn’t brought in w/ lights & sirens (something about not causing further upset or something) being the reason it was declined..  There was also something about the wrong code being entered in for billing.


We did, in the end, get the problem fixed but it was still nerve-wracking to receive that bill like that.  Damn near gave us a Heart Attack – which I’m sure would be another “Non-Necessary Emergency Transport 😛


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