Stupid Shit #2…Lots of Lighter Fluid, Lit Matches – Bad Idea.

Some people should not be allowed to be around a can of lighter fluid and a grill at the same time….

The memory of this still makes me shake my head.  We were having steak or hamburgers for dinner (forget now which) and were starting up the BBQ grill out on the back deck.  Wanting to get the the coals lit faster (and hotter).  Our cousin decided he would take  and pour what must have been nearly half a bottle of lighter fluid unto the coals.  And then, without waiting for the stuff to soak in, lights a match and throws it in.  The look on the guys face was priceless (that is once the flames from the grill died down and my husband and I got over our near heart-attack from his act of stupidity being done just feet from our house.  His eyes were wide with shock as if he hadn’t expected the resulting rush of flames.  Hmmmm, let’s see……  lots of lighter fluid & a lit match – Ummmmm what did you expect to happen?

Thankfully, as you probably have guessed, there were no injuries and no resulting fires (outside of the one in the grill – which stayed under control).  Of course there were probably flames of indignation as we lit into him for being so stupid and trying to burn the house down).


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