At the Hospital – Stroke, Funny

I write this story in a humorous way, but I can assure you that at the time it was not so funny.  It was only afterwards that the humor in it was appreciated….

 As I mentioned in a previous blog, my husband had suffered a Stroke.  One day, during his hospital stay, the nurse came in to check on him.  Not too much earlier, he had been down to radiology (?) for a CT Scan and they had given him a little something to sedate him a bit since being in enclosed places (like a CT Scan) tends to freak my husband out – seeing as how he was squished under a wall when he injured over 20 years ago (yes, even this much later being in tight, enclosed places like that affect him).  So anyway, the nurse had come in to check on him and was asking him a couple questions to check his awareness level (LOC).  I remember the nurse asking questions like:  Do you know where you are?  Do you know what day it is?  I don’t recall the answers that my husband gave, but I do recall that (because of the sedation) they were not at all appropriate to the questions asked…  With each question the nurse was looking more and more concerned and, at one point, looked as if she had one foot heading towards that “emergency” button on the wall her hand outstretched towards it….  She asked one last question  “Do you know who this is?”  I stepped into his field of vision (the good side) and with a smile he replied, “Yep, that’s trouble”  Sigh of relief – All was OK….  I have to admit that for a minute I was a little (well more than a little) concerned about his answers and slurring of words.  I knew they had sedated him, but had not thought that it would affect him so heavily.


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