Casual Relationships…. Affects Down the Road

I have absolutely no idea how it is that people can have these casual intimate relationships with each other as if the the relationship really doesn’t mean anything.  For me I feel as if I’ve always put my whole heart into the few relationships I’ve had.  I’m not so sure I’ve ever even had a “casual” crush.  Every guy I’ve liked (whether the feeling was reciprocated or not) has been (and often still is) special to me and not something I’ve been able to take casually.  I guess it is possible for some people to have relationships like that, but I just don’t see how – It just doesn’t comprehend in my mind.


Don’t people realize how intimate relationships affect you. How they can affect you down the road.  If you were like me (when I was younger) loving with your whole heart then each relationship takes a little piece of your heart away – away from your future spouse.  If you are the opposite and have the ability to close of your heart and not care – well then you may find yourself unable to open up and love later.  Either way is a hard road  and difficult on future relationships and marriages.  Yes, I love my husband, but I will never ever forget the first guy I ever truly truly loved.  That love that I felt has an effect on me even now.  I find that a piece of my heart has been locked away, a piece that no one will ever have (except that one guy).  In many ways that has affected my ability to fully love someone now.


The only way I can see a person being able to have casual intimate relationships is if they completely close off their hearts and let the intimate acts simply be physical, meaningless acts.  But then where is the love in that?  Ohhh yeah – there is none.  The thing is, as that becomes habit it will be hard to break when you find someone that you truly do love.


I think that before a person gets heavily involved with someone that they should ask themselves if this is someone they are absolutely considering spending the rest of their lives with or are they  just in it for the physical act of intimacy.  If it is just for the physical intimacy then perhaps one might want to reconsider what they are doing.  Know that this can have a very large affect down the road.


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