Firefighters Are My Heroes

I was just at home doing my thing  when I heard sirens passing by outside.  Naturally I am “pulled” outside to listen to them, although I cannot see anything from where I live.  Why is it that I feel that pull to listen to those sirens as they screaming past??  I believe it stems from a time back when I was a little girl probably 6 or 7 (maybe 8 years old).  My father was friends with the local fire chief of the city where we lived and I had a couple different opportunities to visit the fire station where he worked.  I remember one visit in particular.  My father was talking to the fire chief and I was just standing around doing what ever it is that I was doing (at that young age).  Suddenly, the alarm went off and I remember the firefighters sliding down the pole and seeming to fly into their trucks.  At that time, I could have sworn that their feet never touched the ground once – They simply went from the pole directly into the firetrucks (somehow their gear magically appeared on their bodies).  I can still remember standing there and staring at them w/ “saucer like eyes.”  I can’t say that it caused me to desire to be a firefighter myself (of course back then I don’t remember female firefighters being prevalent, if even existent – though I could be mistaken); However, I believe that my strong interest in that of firefighters and of fire started back at that young age.

Even at a young age when asked who my heroes were I would think of Firefighters & other rescue workers (paramedics/EMTs), as well as police officers and soldiers as the ones that were the real heroes.  I can remember another time when my dad and I had saw some firefighters putting out a fire.  At the time my dad and I were heading over to a nearby ice cream shop to get ice cream to eat.  I don’t remember for sure now if I thought of the idea on my own (or if my dad mentioned it and I agreed), but I remember buying an ice cream (cone ?) and taking it over to the (what I assume was) the fire chief.  I was probably 9 or 10 at that time.  I remember handing it to him thinking how much he deserved for the hard work he was doing.  Of course now that I’m older I realize that a single small ice cream cone is hardly enough thanks and that the firefighters actually fighting the fire had the physically hardest job.

The pull continued even into young adulthood when we chanced to live just a few blocks from one of the local fire stations.  At night I would listen to the sirens and could tell what direction they were heading by the direction of the siren’s.

That fascination (that interest) that I had as a little girl has never really waned over the years.  Firefighters are still (and will always be) my HEROES.  I don’t think that enough thanks can be given to their sacrifices.  Whenever I hear those sirens I always think of the Emergency Responders who are possibly risking life to go save someone’s life or property.  I think of how they could very well be putting themselves into harm’s way.

Often, I find myself wishing that I had the ability to do more in support of these Heroes (and of those who have “fallen” (died) in the line of duty) who give so selflessly of  themselves.


2 thoughts on “Firefighters Are My Heroes

  1. I would like to make up a book of a collection of anecdotal stories from firefighters and take a percentage of the proceeds to be donated to an organization (like National Fallen Fire Fighters) that helps firefighters and/or their families. Would appreciate feedback on this idea 🙂


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