No Title to story yet

Right now I am just jotting down ideas as they come to me for a story that I am starting to work on.  It will be a long work in progress….  I would appreciate feedback.  Please keep in mind that the story will not be posted in sequential order  as the pieces to the story may come to me out of order.


Heroine (haven’t named yet)  swerves to avoid a collision with a car that cuts her off on the freeway causing her to loose control of her vehicle.  Luckily the hero – under cover officer – is behind her and stops to provide aid.  As the hero and heroine are assessing the damage of the heroine’s car another vehicle nearly runs them over.  Hero pushes the heroine out of the way in the nick of time.

The under cover officer tries to determine if the circumstances are truly accidental or if the near accidents are deliberate in nature.   As the story unfolds, it comes to light that the heroine’s ex-husband/ex-boyfriend (haven’t decided which yet) is very likely responsible for the heroine being cut off on the freeway as well as the near run in following.  And he isn’t done yet.

Can our hero find out exactly what is going on and can he keep the heroine out of danger?

Sorry it is not a very well written summary.  I tend to be better at the stories themselves once I start writing…


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