College Years

As I sit in the cafeteria (in the student center),  with the hub bub of young (ok younger) people talking around me. – some deep in quiet conversation as if studying or talking of something important, some joking around slightly louder and more animated (but not overly so) – I am reminded of all those may years ago when  I was a college aged college student.  I didn’t have many friends in college (only slightly more than in High School), but there are many memories that will live with me forever.  Like sitting around with friends talking or joking around.  Of racing across campus trying to make it from one end to the other in less than 2 minutes – praying you’d make it to class on time so you wouldn’t get docked.  Of last minute cram sessions, hoping to get at least a decent grade on the test.  I think in many ways the college years are the best.  Old enough that most everyone is past the petty stuff (teasing, making fun, cliques, weird/dirty looks cause your different)  – yet young enough that the responsibilities of being married and having kids hasn’t necessarily come about  yet.


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